“Using the Latest GeoMapApp to Excite Your Classes” with Andrew Goodwillie

“Using the Latest GeoMapApp to Excite Your Classes”
with Andrew Goodwillie

Originally presented 19 Nov 2016



“GeoMapApp is a free Earth Science data exploration and visualisation tool developed by the IEDA group at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University. GeoMapApp provides an intuitive map-based user interface to access a wide range of geoscience data. Built-in data sets include earthquake and volcano data sets, high-resolution elevation data for New York City, and geological maps. These are the same data sets accessed with the same tool used by researchers thus providing students with a powerful learning experience. Useful analytical and visualisation techniques help students deepen their data experience. A Save Session function allows educators to preserve a pre-loaded state of GeoMapApp. When shared with a class, the saved file allows every student to open GeoMapApp at exactly the same starting point from which to begin their data explorations, thus freeing up valuable in-class time. GeoMapApp can be installed on any computer (Mac, PC, Linux/Unix) and is continually being expanded.

A variety of GeoMapApp-related education activities and resources is available. They range from middle school and high school level to the undergraduate and graduate level.



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