Amer Meteorological Society education

AMS @ LDEO December 2005

AMS @ LDEO 3 December 2005 (updated Jun 2015)   Join us for an opportunity to explore many of the teacher-training materials created by the American Meteorological Society Educational; Program. Watch demonstrations of classroom activities. Examine what’s available on the AMS DataStreme web sites: DataStreme Amosphere (Weather) DataStreme WES (Water in the Earth System) DataStreme … Continued

“AMS @ LDEO” 11 December 2004

“AMS @ LDEO” 11 December 2004 (revised June 2015)   ┬áThe American Meteorological Society offers three online courses for educators: “DataStreme Atmosphere,” “DataStreme Ocean,” and “DataStreme Earth’s Climate System.” We provide opportunities for teachers to share these experiences and obtain useful materials for the classroom. For more information about AMS programs for teachers: AMS Education … Continued