Earth2Class (Earth to Class)

E2C is a unique science/math/technology resource for K-12 teachers, students, the general public, and geoscientists. It is a collaboration among researchers and an Earth Science educator at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University; technology integration specialists from Colégio Bandeirantes, São Paulo, Brasil; and classroom teachers from New York, New Jersey, and elsewhere.

E2C centers around “Saturday Workshops for Educators” held at Columbia's Lamont Campus in Palisades N.Y. One key feature to E2C is involvement of LDEO scientists. Their availability through workshops, web site postings, and e-mail allow teachers and students access to cutting-edge research which can be used to develop learning activities directly linked to “real-world problems,” and provide scientists with an effective format to disseminate their discoveries more broadly. Since 1998, we have provided more than 120 Workshops featuring over 80 LDEO scientists.


Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory

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Preparing for the NGSS and Science in the Common Core

2016 - 2017 E2C Workshops

(Links to each workshop will be added soon.)

Sep 10    “Teaching with Your Local River: The Hackensack Past, Present, and Future”

Oct 8       LDEO Open House

Oct 22     “What Can Dust Reveal about Past Climates?” with Jerry McManus, Gisela Winckler, and Allison Jacobel (Morningside Campus)

Nov 19    “Using the Latest GeoMapApp to Excite Your Classes” with Andrew Goodwillie

Dec 3      “Can You Imagine New York during the Ice Age?” with Mike Kaplan

Jan 14    “How Old Is It? Plate Tectonics and the Geological Time Scale” with  Alberto Malverno

Feb 11   “Reconstructing the Storm and Industrial History of the Hudson River” with  Dallas Abbott

Mar 11    “Education Opportunities aboard the JOIDES Resolution and Elsewhere” with Nicole Kurtz

Apr 8      “More than How Old? Understanding Climate Changes from Tree Rings”

Apr 29      “What Are the Benefits of Working with Researchers?” with Sidney Hemming and 2016 Student Interns Also, the annual E2C ‘Kayaking Adventure’

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Browse archived versions of the 2015 - 2016 Workshops and Related Classroom Resources

Browse archived versions of the 2014 - 2015 Workshops and Related Classroom Resources 

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Principal Content

A second key to E2C is the ever-growing collection of educational resources that provide teachers, students, and others access to up-to-date information about our changing planet and for Earth Science courses. These make our offerings available to anyone, even if they cannot attend the live workshops. Use the links in the boxes to explore these.
E2C Workshops by Topic • Archives from Previous Workshops

E2C Workshops by Topic

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Educational Resources

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Lunch with the Scientist

1:00 – 3:30

Designing curriculum to meet NGSS and your State Standards--Dr. Mike Passow will share potential classroom-ready materials based on his 44+ years of experience as an Earth Science Educator.

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The easiest way to register for the Saturday Workshops: send an e-mail to: 

There is a $15 fee to attend each program, which covers refreshments, lunch, hand-outs,  and other expenses.   The Lamont campus is normally closed on Saturdays, so please pre-register by e-mail so we can add your name to the Security Gatehouse entry list and have a luncn for you. All programs take place in the Seismology-Marine Biology Building Seminar Room (unless a special announcement is made about an alternate location.)

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