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From Charles Burrows (East Ramapo CSD):
    Climate and Insolation

From a DLESE search

"Weather Forecasting"

"Weather Variables Lab"

"Surface Meteorological Observation System"

"Cloud Formation: A Cloud in a Bottle"

"Types of Clouds"

"Remote Sensing Using Satellites"

"EarthStorm Student projects"

"The Measurement of All Things: Atmosphere Detectives" (NASA Connect)

"Data Analysis and Measurement: Ahead, Above the Clouds" (NASA CONNECT)

"El Nino: Making Sense of the Weather"


"Global Warming: Probabilities, Uncertainties & Units Used to Quantify Climate Change" by Wendy Van Norden
     "Ice Off Date"

"Heating Different Earth Materials"

"Cloud Types"

"Composition of Air" by Rosemarie Sanders

"Hurricane Katrina" by Dawn Sherwood
     "Hurricane Katrina Lab Solutions"

"Natural Disaster Preparedness Project" by Katherine Sheehan

"Observing Weather: Making the Invisible Visible"

"Satellite Oceanography"

"Satellite Oceanography Investigations"

"Understanding Isobars"


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