Selected Labs and Activities -- Minerals, Rocks, and Resources
From New York Science Teacher Earth Science Share-a-Thon: Rocks and Minerals
From Charles Burrows (East Ramapo CSD):
Composition of Earth's Crust
From a DLESE search:
Teaching about minerals, magmas, and volcanic rocks (Volcano World)
"Mineralology for Kids" (Mineralogical Society of America)
"Crystal Structure Lab" (R. Fetcho, Union College)
Other labs and activities:
Mineral Identification
Rock Identification
Igneous Rocks Tour (created by J. Knox)
Mineral Investigations (created by David J. Leveson, Brooklyn College)
Rock Identification Exercise (North Seattle Community College)
Rock Collecting Locations in Westchester County, NY (T. McGuire)
1. These selected labs and activities have been created by different teachers, so the formats of the materials will differ. 
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