Selected Labs and Activities -- Astronomy
New York Science Teachers Earth Science Share-a-Thon: Astronomy
From Charles Burrows (East Ramapo CSD):
The Earth in Space
From a DLESE search:
Astronomy: Our Place in Space (AMNH Ology)
Windows to the Universe (UCAR)
Earth and Beyond (Discovery School)
Explore the Universe (National Air and Space Museum)
The Expanding Universe (NASA/Montana State University CERES Project)
"Astronomy with a Stick" (NSTA)
"Day Into Night" (NSTA)
"Star Count" (NASA)
"NASA Moon Survival" (T. McGuire)
"NASA Moon Survival Key" (D. Carlone)
"Sunrise at Norwich H.S. through the Seasons" (S. Miller)
"Astronomy ES Reference Table Search" (J. Rice)
1. These selected labs and activities have been created by different teachers, so the formats of the materials will differ. 
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